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WorkingSm@rt in Meetings

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Get your meetings on time, on track,
on purpose

At a Glance

Who Should Attend:

Workgroups and teams who attend or conduct
meetings in-person, vi
rtual or hybrid, including
supervisors, managers, technical or sales professionals,
administrators, and project leaders.


  • Half-day instructor-led session, in-class or online

  • Follow-up coaching session to reinforce learning

Tools Provided:

  •  Comprehensive Learning Guide

  • Meeting Tools 

  • Enrollment in our monthly LearningLink e-newsletter

Related Training:

In this workshop, you will learn how to plan, organize, and run successful meetings. Additionally, you will discover how to maximize your productivity during meetings. By adopting a business planning approach, you can increase the effectiveness of your meetings and save valuable time. Join us to experience the immediate benefits of this approach.

This course will help you:

  • Apply a proven planning process to meetings

  • Design an effective agenda to increase accountability

  • Run a meeting with a Bias for Action

  • Know precisely how to prepare to attend a meeting

  • Know how to keep a meeting on track

  • Avoid the common pitfalls that create 'meeting frustrations'

  • Use a quick, effective process for evaluating meetings

  • Identify virtual and hybrid meeting best practices

Detailed Synopsis:

Priority Management’s WorkingSm@rt in Meetings workshop is a highly effective and interactive session that equips participants with a practical process to achieve better outcomes and greater satisfaction from meetings whether they are in-person, virtual, or hybrid. The workshop incorporates the latest research on meetings and provides ample opportunities for participants to engage in discussions and share ideas.
Structured activities and examples enable participants to practice new behaviors and enhance their learning experience.


This workshop is ideal for executives, managers, team and project leaders, and anyone with a busy schedule of meetings who wants to enhance organizational effectiveness. It covers the essentials of planning, organizing, and leading successful meetings, as well as strategies for maximizing the value of meetings you are required to attend. This workshop provides options with various supporting technology and tools.


We will discuss meeting frustrations and explore the challenges that organizations face in conducting effective meetings in this hybrid environment. We will also discuss the solutions that can be implemented to ensure that your organization is WorkingSm@rt in Meetings.

Unit 1: Pre-Meeting Requirements

You will learn the essential steps for effective meeting preparation, whether in the role of chairperson or participant. This includes the crucial task of creating an agenda that will lead to productive outcomes and deliver results!

Unit 2: During Meeting Requirements

Priority Management will teach you how to effectively execute well-planned meetings. By mastering this skill, meetings can become an efficient communication tool to ensure alignment, promote a bias for action, and enhance teamwork.

Unit 3: Post-Meeting Requirements

You will learn post-meeting actions. This includes the best practices for ensuring that meeting outcomes are translated into actionable items for all participants. Additionally, we will discuss strategies for effective follow-up to ensure that tasks are completed in a timely and efficient manner.

Unit 4: Your Solutions and Action Plan

You will identify solutions to your frustrations and create your Campaign for WorkingSm@rt in Meetings. This will involve a detailed and concise action plan that addresses the issues you have faced and design practical solutions to improve your meeting efficiency whether they are in-person, virtual, or hybrid. By implementing these solutions, you will achieve greater productivity and success in your work.

WorkingSm@rt in Meetings qualifies for 2 Gold Seal Credits

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