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Be prepared to provide the best service experience to your customers by mastering critical skills in face-to-face and telephone communication, raising service quality, and maintaining standard expectations.


Achieve optimal results from a portfolio of customers, through effective use of sales cycle processes and tools and understand the complexities and requirements of nurturing a lasting relationship with high-value clients and key accounts.

Customer Service & Selling

Customer Service Breakthroughs
Increase customer satisfaction to create long-term fans and advocates

Learn how to effectively meet customer service objectives, exceed customer expectations, and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Since each and every contact with a customer is a "moment of truth" for your company, understand your pivotal role in achieving your organization's financial and marketing objectives. Master the skills to treat customers on the basis of their "lifetime value", strengthening relationships and meeting and exceeding standards and expectations. Enable two-way communication to avoid misunderstandings, minimize problems, and collaboratively work out mutually-beneficial solutions.

Selling Breakthroughs
Keep your customers satisfied to create lasting relationships

The secret to making a successful sale is knowing what, why, how and when your audience wants to buy. Learn the processes and stages of both buyer and seller simultaneously to understand how to apply sales skills and behaviors that accurately match the buyer's state and motivations. Understand how to use your expertise confidently to positively influence outcomes and meet both the buyer's and your own requirements. A sale isn't over until your client knows that the solution to their business problem is you and your product or service.

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