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Leadership Skills

The role of the leader is to coach and mentor their team members and to ensure they are supporting the team members in achieving their individual goals. Another important role is to represent the team at the manager’s meetings to ensure optimum effectiveness and efficiency of the overall organization.

In order to be this, it is imperative that each individual is highly conscious of the skills and ability to teach these skills and behaviours to the rest of the team.

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The 21st Century Workplace

Essential leadership skills are vital to the 21st Century Workplace with people being expected to self-manage, and managers no longer expected to manage and direct their teams, but to lead their teams to success.

Synergy, Esprit de corps and a shared common set of values support the team in achieving their individual goals, as well as the overall goals of the organization. 

Leadership and Management Skills
Turn your management skills into leadership skills

Move from management to motivation through gaining the skills to lead a 21st-century team.


These fundamental 8 leadership skills will equip you with the ability to ensure consistent strategy and a shared common set of processes and tools to achieve the organization's goals and objectives.

Remote leadership essentials: keeping them engaged collaborative & productive

Steps to contain the current COVID-19 virus require many employees who normally work from an office to now work from home. This presents challenges to stay connected, engaged and productive.


These challenges are magnified for people leading remote teams since they can no longer rely on many of their proven face-to-face leadership techniques.

Priority Influencing
How to build relationships for results

Master the skills to positively affect the outcome of all communications. Acquire leadership skills by learning to clearly read each situation, ask the right questions, listen well, understand the issues at a deeper level, and communicate with confidence.

Achieve your business and personal goals by honing your human interaction and leadership skills.

Priority Planning
Improve your priority planning process and enhance your focus

Learn to make effective choices when faced with increasing demands and responsibilities. Select the right tasks, at the right time, every time.

Discover a proven, small project management process including the importance of action planning, and acquire the tools you need to make things happen.

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