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Team Working
WorkingSm@rt 365

Improve your planning process, focus on your priorities, control your time and increase your productivity.

At a Glance

Who Should Attend:

Individuals, teams and organizations whose performance is measured by their ability to manage multiple tasks and priorities, follow-up on commitments, communicate and delegate effectively, and use an organized planning process.

Individuals, supervisors and senior managers who must understand the strategic direction of their business and create an effective plan for execution.


  •  Full day or two half day instructor-led sessions, in class or online

  • Follow-up coaching session to reinforce learning

Tools Provided:

  • Comprehensive Learning Guide and Resource Manual

  • Subscription to our monthly LearningLink e-newsletter

Related Training:

Learn to make effective choices when faced with increasing demands and responsibilities. Select the right tasks, at the right time, every time. Identify and focus on the goals and objectives that make the difference and learn to manage your activities for maximum results, acquiring the tools you need to make things happen.

This course will help you:

  • Consistently focus on priorities - turn intentions into actions

  • Overcome barriers to achievement

  • Commit to values and goals

  • Manage time, tasks, and activities

  • Boost productivity

  • Reduce stress and improve work/life balance

Read Course Outline

Detailed Synopsis:

Priority's WorkingSm@rt® 365 Workshop is an essential time management skills program which has been designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills and competencies to dramatically improve your personal productivity. The course will help you and your team become more effective and improve performance, while giving you more control over all your activities and information. By simply consolidating key business information, you will improve decision-making and planning skills. The workshop will show you how to implement these essential skills in your everyday life.


You will be introduced to the concept of WorkingSm@rt and learn about the three distinct phases of work, develop an understanding of the productivity process and how the productivity formula will help you work sm@rt. You will gain an understanding of the WorkingSm@rt 365 model and choose a single source 'TechTool' to stay organized. You will establish your learning objectives for the work session and also start your Campaign for WorkingSm@rt 365.


Unit 1: Defining your Work/Life Roles and Priorities

By clarifying and determining the many roles you have at work and home you will learn how to make better choices about how you spend your time. You'll learn about consequences and the importance of them in changing behavior. Learn how to avoid the 'Busy-ness' trap and spend more time on the 'important'.


Unit 2: Establishing SMART Goals and Objectives

Start this unit by understanding the Priority Workflow Model, before setting best practice goals and objectives for the year, the month and week. You'll learn about external and internal barriers to success and how to overcome them. You will also learn about how productivity follows a time-tested formula and discover the 4D method of making smart choices. You'll learn to transfer your actions to your chosen TechTool.


Unit 3: Planning and Managing Your Activities

You'll learn to get rid of your 'surrender behaviors' that gives control to others. You'll explore the difference between operational and project work and learn how to use your calendar as a principle place to plan and organize. You will learn the best practices for daily planning and put them to work for tomorrow.


Unit 4: Acting on Your Plans

You will be aware of the 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle as you prioritize and organize your tasks to create focus and flexibility. You will develop the skills and knowledge of how to apply the best practices to work on your chosen technology platform, as well as learn how to prioritize your tasks/activities.


Unit 5: Delivering and Communicating Outcomes and Results

In this unit you will learn how to plan and manage all communications. You will hone your email/texting skills and learn best practice storage and retrieval skills. Also learn how to effectively delegate work and the best use of voicemail.

Unit 6: A Commitment to Action

In this final unit you will make a commitment to develop your 'self-leadership' skills. You will recognize some common pitfalls in making change and take decisive actions to overcome them.

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